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Interview to our Director


Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On December 07, 2023

Welcome to 

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Good Mind = Good Life
In every moment, every day, all over the world,  thousands and thousands of people are disappointed, they feel that can never get what they want, they feel that can't be happy, haven't got a better life, a satisfactory and peaceful life. While many others welcome and take advantage of every beautiful opportunity that is presented to them. They realize their dreams, they are not depressed, and they feel all the vital energy that a satisfying life can give them; they know how to be happy and enjoy every moment of their life to the fullest. In light of the fact that the mind is the generator of experiences and therefore responsible for the concrete actions of the human being and his/her life experience, then for the affirmation or denial of his/her ability to create a personal reality; all this can be summed up in an ancient proverb that says:                                  good mind - good find.
Anyone who has a good mind is assured of prosperity, health, peace, and a good life. A good mind refers to such aspects as the ability to be creative and innovative, the ability to solve problems and make the right decisions, high emotional intelligence, and determination, having body and soul well-being. 
A creative and conscious mind will surely develop better and then we expect that family, society, and world remain peaceful and prosperous!
Therefore, a  good mind is a good life, a beautiful mind creates a beautiful reality. A creative and positive mind brings enormous benefits to your life and to more people's lives!
To conclude, I like to think that a Good Mind is "the golden key " to open the doors of well-being, serenity, freedom, beauty, happiness, harmony, and inner and outer peace.
If you wish to concretize your dreams, your deep desires, if You want really to have a no-stress living; then…
You are in the right place because …                                                               
   Good Mind is a Good Life
Sending you peaceful greetings.
                                                                             The Director,
 Gladys Mabel Cantelmi

What is it

This is a virtual and/or in-person center of "no-stress living" (for individuals, couples and groups -working groups; family; friendship; etc. etc.- ) that offers you guidance and support  to realize your deepest desires and personal goals to improve your mental/spiritual/physical  life.

Here you can count on different techniques and practices that we'll choose together specifically for your individual case, to find the appropriate solutions in a professional and reserved environment in which you can feel fully confident because each person (like you) is unique and important so:

                                                 YOU ​​deserve the best!


virtual,  by phone  or  in-person    

Applied Positive Psychology
Growth & Emotional Coaching

Conflicts Resolution


Holistic Terapies

Emotional domain & Empath

Sweet Yoga & Pilates

for all ages

No-stress Meditation

Self-knowledge Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation


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