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This is  the result of years of dedication to the well-being of people, trying to give the necessary tools so that everyone can live in harmony with their truest being and with the environment that surrounds them, reaching a state of inner peace and serene living among the people. Today, all this is summarized in three words "Good Mind Center", in which its creator and director wanted to concentrate and merge different techniques and disciplines in different fields but all united by a single desire: "the peace and integral well-being of all peoples"This type of (integral) approach involves the mental, spiritual and, consequently, physical aspects of the human being.

The Director Gladys Mabel Cantelmi is a professional  Holistic Terapist ricognized by the International Practicioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), She has expertise in Mindfulness Meditation, Personal Growth and  Emotinal Coaching, Conflicts Resolutions, Applied Positive Psychology, Sweet yoga no-stress, Energies healing. 

She is also an international artist, poetess and creative writer. All that is relationed with the self-knowledge and spiritual elevation and holds conferences and seminars about these issues. On this site you'll see news about events and a blog where you could get some ideas or advice for your life. Hope this place (Good Mind Center) will become your lovely  place! See you soon!!!

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